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Angelsoft is the only South African footwear manufacturer currently making comfort sandals with this production process where the light and soft PU sole is moulded directly onto the upper and sock material fusing it together which is referred to as the PU DIP pouring process which is completely different to ordinary stuck-on application (used by all other local sandal manufacturers in South Africa to join the sandal upper to the sole) in that it offers the following advantages:

-No cellulose or other insole board of any kind is used and the upper is attached directly to the insole sock and then fused to the soft PU sole directly without any glue whilst the PU is still in hot liquid form offering the strongest possible bond and providing a durable and lightweight sole.

-By eliminating the insole board used in most stuck-on footwear you remove the barrier between the foot and the soft PU sole ,thereby creating an extremely comfortable product to wear and allowing greater flexibility since the insole board usually restricts flexibility in stuck-on footwear.

-Given that the insole/upper are fused directly to the sole there is little or no water penetration between the upper and the sole that would normally occur in conventional stuck-on footwear which would then allow deterioration of an insole board once wet and the possible resultant product failure.

-There is no risk of adhesive failure as none is used.

So the result is a product that is superior in weight,flexibility,durability and best of all soft and comfortable. Therefore that is why we say if you “Love your Feet” you will try an Angelsoft sandal today at our completely affordable prices and at the same time you are supporting a truly South African brand !!



“Strong & Durable technology, directly moulded onto PU Soles”


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