Our Story

Shoes always speak louder than words!

Angelsoft is the only South African footwear manufacturer currently making comfort sandals!

Our company utilizes a unique process where the light, and soft, PU sole is moulded directly onto the upper sock material, fusing them together. This is known as the ‘PU DIP pouring process’ which is completely different to the ordinary stuck-on application that other shoes are made with.

When it comes to our shoes, no cellulose, or other insole board of any kind, is used and the uppers are directly attached to the insole sock and then fused to the soft PU sole directly, without any glue.

This all happens whilst the PU is still in hot liquid form, offering the strongest possible bond and providing a durable, lightweight sole which is very flexible, soft and light with an anatomic foot contour as well as arch support. This all adds to provide extreme comfort, gait support and of course, a fresh, modern look too!

Proudly South African, proudly local, proudly fashionable.